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Our first piece of advice?

Watch this video.

Here you'll get the complete low down of what's expected of you, set etiquette tips and most importantly, how to make the most of your experience helping bring to life some of the biggest shows in the country.

"Sometimes you can have the smallest role in the smallest production
and still make a big impact."

- Neil Patrick Harris

  • Can you represent me as an Actor or Extra?
    No, we are not a talent agency. As a Casting Director I work directly with Production companies. To find talent, we then reach out to and work closely with a range of Talent Agencies that help provide us with the right talent.
  • Can you recommend an Agency?
    While we can't recommend anyone to you, MEAA has provided a list of Queensland Agencies here.
  • If I'm not with an Agency, can I submit myself for roles directly?"
    Yes! Sometimes we cast a wider net into the community when we are looking for someone specific to help us accurately tell a story. We do welcome general submissions, which you can find in the 'CASTING CALLS' tab. Often we will post specific casting calls on that same page, as well as on our social media. So keep an eye out!
  • Where do I park at Village Roadshow Studios?
    Parking is at Outback Spectacular. Then walk round to Village Roadshow Studios entrance. At the boom gate & Security box, let Security know your name and that you're an Extra, and they'll direct you from there. You'll be sent a map and directions to every location you are called to. Be sure to look at the information the night before your call so you're ready yo arrive on time!
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