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Bud Hopes Casting has a long working relationship with various community groups based on culture and ethnicity. Quite often within the realms of telling stories we will need the engagement of a certain look of a human being. This is where BHC excels with a passion for anthropological considerations and also the full cultural immersion of a group of people, its probably the most rewarding parts of the job.


When we think about diversity in the film industry, casting is usually the first thing that comes to mind. And it's true: who we see on screen matters.

TARA LLOYD (OPPOSITE) From casting, communication, welfare checks and on-set practices BUD HOPES CASTING has always treated
Tara like a professional actor and has valued her input and presence on screen. Bud
continues to ignite Tara’s passion for acting by making sure she is actively included in the
on-set environment and general hubbub of filming. His commitment to inclusion is to be
applauded as he sees value in every individual and provides them with the chance to

Tara Loyd - 2021-10-10 - Best 3.jpg


Do you need actual musicians for the Orchestra that Elvis sings with or maybe some surfers doing their thing. From fire dancers at a lavish party to people who can walk on stilts there are always those people with special abilities that we are asked to source regularly. Over time BHC has fostered many relationships with talented performers and organisations that make the directors vision a reality.

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